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We are The Housing and Dignity Project, a collaboration between The Village, The East Oakland Collective and Dellums Institute for Social Justice. We organize housed and unhoused residents in Oakland to come together for the goal of  implementing immediate emergency and long term permanent solutions to the housing and homeless crisis in Oakland. We overstand that the agenda of gentrification has wrongfully used Oakland’s public resources to create the housing and homeless state of emergency and massive human rights violations. This agenda needs to end and public resources such as land, funds and labor must be used to house Oakland’s displaced Black and Brown poor and working class communities.


We are changing the game and the narrative on homelessness, and we need your support! 

We are fundraising for the efforts of grassroots organizations The Village and The East Oakland Collective (EOC) . Both organizations are on the ground and in the trenches every day working on behalf of our unhoused brothers and sisters. Your generous support will go towards building materials for The Village’s tiny home projects, for EOC to open the first tiny home shelter in Deep East Oakland, a campaign to change the narrative of homelessness in Oakland and an implementation plan to house the unhoused across Oakland. 


We are developing a plan to house Oakland’s unhoused that meets the need of the changing and growing unhoused population at a scale appropriate to the problem and a roadmap to implementing the solutions developed, which includes:
  • The development of at least 1,000 housing units for 2,000 newly unhoused and also high-need, chronically unhoused in tiny home villages, mobile homes, and conventional housing.
  • Addressing existing barriers to development, including a lack of: access to land, access to utilities infrastructure, human capital, funding for operations and construction, and support from housed community members. 


The Village

Kaleo Acatar works full time, but can't afford Oakland's rent, so he lives 
with his mother at "Two Three Hunid Village," run by The Village.
[Photo by Darwin Bondgraham, East Bay Express] 

Barbara was the first person to move into one of the tiny homes at "Two Three Hunid Village,"
run by The Village. [Photo by Caron Creighton, Oakland North]

Two Three Hunid Village // The Village runs the first and only community-based safe haven encampment in Oakland, located at 23rd Ave. and E.12th Street. There are currently 100 unhoused residents living on the land. With support from the community, The Village has housed over 6 families in tiny homes at Two Three Hunid Village and more tiny homes are being built! 

#FeedthePeople //  #FeedthePeople is a collective of Oakland residents and activists, including some currently or formerly homeless, has been distributing food and supplies to homeless encampments in the East Bay for over a year. Every Wednesday, volunteers share hot home cooked meals, much needed supplies, hugs and support to people living on the street. They also provide advocacy and support to folks on the streets when they are harassed by police and politicians.

Over the course of 2018, The Village has: 
  • plans to begin building five villages throughout Oakland
  • supported  other groups who want to build emergency housing for the unsheltered
  • plans to provide Village residents with jobs, job training, micro businesses
  • plans to provide Village residents with a variety of services and programs to help them get them on their feet and into permanent housing
  • provided curbside communities and Village residents with media training and political lobbying training
  • plans to launch a political campaign
  • co-hosted the United Nations to visit encampments and document human rights abuses
  • continued to push for sanitation services at all encampments
  • continued to fight for and end the harassment closing and criminalizing homeless encampments - fight for no income and low income permanent housing developments 

The East Oakland Collective

EOC's Homeless Rapid Response Team (HRRT) delivering water and hygiene supplies to an
encampment in Deep East Oakland. [Photograph by Amir Abdul-Shakur] 

Some of the volunteers EOC's Feed the Hood Program preparing bag lunches to distribute
to the unhoused living in encampments across Oakland. 

[Photograph by Amir Abdul-Shakur] 

Feed the Hood Program // The Feed the Hood program provides community members with large scale opportunities to donate money, goods and time to provide food and necessities to homeless populations across Oakland. EOC hosts the large scale Feed the Hood events bi-monthly. Since September 2017, the Feed the Hood program has galvanized over 1,000 community volunteers, distributed 18,000 lunches and hygiene kits, and served over 3,000 unhoused persons across Oakland. The Feed the Hood program has inspired schools throughout the Bay Area to tackle the homelessness crisis as classroom and student projects. 

Homeless Rapid Response Team (HRRT) // EOC provides food, supplies and crisis management services to encampment residents in East Oakland. HRRT is on-call 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Over the course of 2018, The East Oakland Collective has: 
  • worked to ensure the equity of resources (food, hygiene supplies and City/County services) to homeless populations in East Oakland
  • worked with the City of Oakland to identify and install the first sanitation units in Deep East Oakland encampments and continues to push for sanitation units at all encampments 
  • co-hosted the United Nations to visit encampments and document human rights abuses
  • continued to fight for and end the harassment closing and criminalizing homeless encampments - fight for no income and low income permanent housing developments 
  • built the leadership of the unhoused to advocate and organize on behalf of their rights
  • plans to open tiny home shelter communities on underutilized private and public lands in East Oakland


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